This youtuber didn't know I was a speedrunner…【DaiGoまとめ】

Brian gets challenged to recreate a famous Daigo combo by @jmcrofts – this always goes well. Surely THIS time, Brian won’t be …


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    so JM brought up this challenge as a way to bring the community together, giving free content to creators as well as audience, all in all with positive intentions, and your best response is to do him dirty like this?
    What a great sport. Maybe this is why he has more than twice the amount of subscribers?

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    12:05 I remember back then, some japanese players use "select plink" in arcade machines, but they use the start button instead. they press jab with their thumb and start with the pinky, your hand really gotta stretch to do it… those execution monsters are insane bro, some people say that sako isn't even the best execution master in japan

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    You have the rest of your life is crazy

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    Anyone know the song that’s playing at 9 minutes

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    Love the lethal League soundtrack in the background

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    14:01 Dennis Reynolds

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    Wasn't the first combo supposed to have an extra shoryuken? But I don't know anything about sf4, so what do I know…

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    hey brian! sorry for necroposting, it just happens to be the latest video from you that I've watched. i got into fighting games on a competitive level and I've learned a lot from your chill and fun loving demeanor. thank you for opening up the world of optimising combos to me 🙂

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    You should pin his response video lol

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    One of the best Brian videos my goodness.

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    Loved the comment suggesting Brian switch to pad as it might be easier

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    The emphasis on the "EVER." at the cracked me up man lol. Great vid.

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    Has @jmcrofts attempted yet?

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    Took me a min to realize this is Brian F and he just randomly talks in third person

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    Lmfaooo nah the challenge at the end made this hilarious.

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    Right, he didn't know you were a speedrunner, sure

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    0:51 what the heck are those stories? „Ariana Grande Wore a Bra Top to Her Brother‘s Wedding“?!?!

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    this is the one that made me sub. ur fucking cracked, brian.

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    Damn that was sick

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    lethal league music.
    ordinary days v2 by klaus veen iircc

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    That's gotta be the most Chad shit I've ever heard in my life at the end

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    EZ first try

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    Sako is so good at execution that he has 2 different loops named after him in 2 different games

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    You aint plinking Jab with the back button though! that would make you unhuman lol

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    Sorry to say, but your record for Balrog has also been beaten.

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    I am new here. Does anybody know if JM has completed this? And this is some super impressive stuff that I could never ever.

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    That video was such a ego trip. Wow.

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    The family man combo

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    This video just really points out how godlike Sako's execution was, to even have discovered a combo like this.

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    Dem brain take it easy on him

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    I have a question, did jmcrofts ever tried this combo?

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    Yessir Teiga represent trinidad

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    I don’t know man, you seemed really familiar with it after a glance. As someone who knows nothing about which he is speaking that looked ridiculous.

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    Literally got that combo in like 4 tries in like 8 to 10 mins just for fun cuase i mostly focused on umvc3 at that time and had no plans on ever playing sf4 competitively lol!!

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    Had to stop and comment mid video for the 47 clutch LoL GOATED BRO

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    it took this dude 1 hour, 42 minutes and 54 seconds to land a mind blowing combo. Meanwhile, it took me more than 3 hours to do dan's trial number 18

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    Just to think Daigo did this in the heat of the moment….unbelievable ..

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    funny video